Historical Archive

The Historical Archive contains a vast collection of documents, photos, publications, videos, objects and works of art that make up the historical heritage of Fiera Milano. It was restored and opened to the city as a testament to a company that has left memorable moments in the minds of the citizens of Milan and Italians in general.

The Archive also plays an important role in Milan’s exhibition system: it allows companies in the Fiera Milano Spa Group to reinvent themselves based on the very knowledge of their past. The Archive is divided into five sections (documents, iconographical materials, videos and tape recordings, objects, museum pieces) and depicts more than 80 years of business culture.

Through the Historical Archive, Fondazione Fiera Milano aims to offer historical evidence of business culture, with pictures, documents, objects and experiences of the key names behind more than 80 years of exhibition activity in the history of the Italian economy.

Visit the website: http://archiviostorico.fondazionefieramilano.com/