Articles of Incorporation

In the Articles of Incorporation of the Ente Autonomo Fiera Internazionale di Milano, Fondazione Fiera Milano is defined as a “private foundation engaged in nonprofit functions, designed to do business in the interests of the community and whose management is driven by criteria of efficiency and cost-effectiveness”. “Fondazione is committed to fostering, promoting and increasing the organization of exhibitions and all other events that are conducive to economic development through the promotion of trade”.

“In addition, because they are useful to the development of businesses and their ability to operate in the global market, Fondazione carries out promotional activities and projects and launches initiatives for economic, social, cultural and scientific development, and for territorial redevelopment and infrastructural enhancement. These initiatives are to be carried out by implementing the principle of subsidiarity, in cooperation with public institutes that represent the territory, with public institutions such as Chambers of Commerce, Universities and the like, and with public and private associations and bodies, even when proposed by the latter, and in keeping with the guidelines and policies of the Lombardy Region”.

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