Expo Milano 2015

Ever since 2006, Fondazione has played a prominent role in the Expo 2015 Promoting Committee  -- in concert with institutions --  leading to Milan’s winning of the bid.

Of recent date, Fondazione has been actively involved in the first phase of the Expo 2015 project to make the areas available for the Universal Expo. This is an outstanding opportunity to modernize the country, the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region.

In April of 2011, in full agreement with the local authorities (first among these, the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region) Fondazione approved the transfer – by assignment – of the land  it owned  to Arexpo SpA, established under the Urban Transformation Company model, as the Expo site.

This move is in keeping with a resolution by Fondazione’s Board of Governors in October 2010. Here, the dual objective is to safeguard and increase  Fondazione’s assets and, at the same time, offer maximum support to Expo 2015 for the greater good of Italy’s economy, business,  and industrial system, and to help  relaunch the economy and the job market.