UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, represents 574 members of the trade fair industry from 84 countries. It was established in 1925 in Milan to promote cooperation among the various fair entities and to breathe new life into the sector at the end of the First World War. Currently UFI is recognized as a true international mark of quality and its members represent more than 4500 trade fair events.

Fondazione Fiera Milano holds leadership positions within the Association: its Managing Director, Corrado Peraboni, is UFI’s global Vice Chairman and also Vice Chairman of the European Chapter, with responsibility for research. Research projects have been fostered to investigate the role of trade shows compared to similar tools, like congresses and the new communications media, and also to analyze the performance of trade fair indicators with regard to macroeconomic trends.

Since 2008 Fondazione has chaired the UFI Educational Committee and is a member of the Sustainable Development Committee: both bodies are structured to promote the exchange of information and knowledge and to encourage and foster a greater trade fair culture.