The MiCo-Milano Congressi project bears the signature of architect Mario Bellini for its external structural design and of architect Pierluigi Nicolin for the interior spaces, and reconverts part of the fieramilanocity exhibit area to congress space (pavilions 5 and 6) integrating it with the adjacent congress center, the largest in Italy. The utmost care was taken to ensure the harmonious blending of the new complex with the new surrounding urban fabric, its energy sustainability and its architectural excellence. A bold statement is made by the highly original luminous covering – 15,000 square meters – known as the Comet – that drapes and unifies the various underlying building units.

As far as the interiors are concerned, the meeting rooms are designed for flexibility, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are consistent throughout. The auditorium has fixed seating, while the large plenary theater has removable seating, allowing it to become a single large space.