The MiCo-MilanoCongressi lies on the 11.5 km long Green Belt No. 7 of the city of Milan, which runs from Piazza Duomo to the Expo 2015 site. It crosses Parco Sempione, the City Life area, and the Portello Nord district, Monte Stella, and passes by San Siro, Parco Trenno and Parco delle Cave. A large urban pergola will run along the new congress center and the two remaining Portello buildings. It will be 800 meters long and 14 meters wide for a total of 11,000 sq.m -- half of which will be green space, with pyramid-shaped hornbeam trees, shrubs, wisteria and lawn, and half will be a walkway-bike path protected by a waterproof tensostructure.

A 65,000 sq.m gentle green slope will connect the City Life parkland with the 7-meter high foyer and its 6,000 sq.m square. There will also be a bike path-walkway connecting the city with the Green Belt flyover along the Portello Pergola. Two taxi stations and 2 subway stops will serve the new Congress Center area.