A large portion of the perimeter of the exhibition complex is a public green area that was conceived as a green system. Designed by Andreas Kipar, one of the world’s leading designers of landscaped areas, it is divided into two parts, each with its own special features.
A 35,000 sq.m area to the south lies between Sempione State Highway 33, the parking facilities and the new fieramilano hotels and because of its location offers quality, impressive green space; the 80,000 sq.m area to the north, situated between the new plan for the Milan-Turin High Speed railroad viaduct, the flyover leading to Mazzo di Rho and the Milan-Novara railroad line, is an “urban park” that can be used by the local inhabitants and offers leisure time and sports facilities.

The two areas are connected by a “linear park” with bike path, walkway and rest areas and form the basis for a future project that involves connecting this, and other existing or planned green space to create a 9-hectare public park.