The 4-star hotel designed by Dominique Perrault is located near the southern gate. It features two towers that are 72 and 65 meters high and stand out because of their original 5° slant -- the higher building leaning towards fieramilano and the lower one in the direction of Milan -- as do their shiny black facades cladded with more than 20,000 sheets of gres glass that are ventilated with an air space.

The 4-star hotel has 400 rooms, including six 50 sq.m suites and 25 sq.m. standard rooms, 20 rooms for the physically challenged, and a 240 sq.m fitness area and café floor. The cross-shaped foyer serves the two buildings and the service floors (hall, bar, restaurants) on the lower levels. At the base of the towers are the car parks and reflecting pools of water. The entrance to the hotels is connected by a cantilever roof running directly from the southern entrance to fieramilano. A photovoltaic panel has been installed on the roof to make the hotel towers fully off grid in terms of energy needs.

The hotels opened to the public in March 2009 and are managed by NH Hotels.