The president of the Italian Observatory of Corporate Storytelling at the University of Pavia. He has been teaching "Storytelling and Business Narrative" at the University of Pavia since 2006. He has been a lecturer in “Methodology of Training“ at the University of Milan-Bicocca since 2000.

The author of many publications on managerial culture and business communication, Andrea Fontana wrote the first Italian manual on corporate storytelling - Manuale di Storytelling, and the Storytelling Kit99 esercizi per il pronto intervento narrativo, both published by Etas.

He is the director of the Storyline series, the first series on the science of narration, which he founded and launched together with the publisher Lupetti in 2012. He is the managing director and founder of Storyfactory, the first Italian company in the field of business narrative consulting.

Main fields of research include: adult learning in performative contexts, HR management mechanisms (hard & soft), dynamics of in-house and external business communication, governance of cultural change in groups, corporate storytelling, building institutional identities, the dynamics of business narrative (business narrative for products and brands) and political and institutional communication.

Andrea Fontana