Exhibitionist is a cycle of edutainment meetings on digital contamination that began at the end of 2012. It is designed to bring the trade, but also anyone having a personal, academic or professional interest, closer to trade fairs, exhibitions and business events.

Continuous updates on emerging international trends in live communications, success stories and the cross fertilization of trade fairs and events, trade fairs and shows, trade fairs and the web.

Examples of experimenting integration with various forms of digital technologies.

The meetings follow the same pattern: a world famous guest talks to the public about his experience highlighting how this can be linked to the exhibition sector.

During the first 2108 conference we discussed about the interaction among different formats (books, movies, events) and the way they capture the attention and generate interest and loyalty towards the brand. The second conference is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and how technology plays a role in the value exchange of our business




Exhibitionist is a project by Fondazione Fiera Milano with the collaboration of the Lombardy Regional Government, Chamber of Commerce and Meet The Media Guru.


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