In 2005, in order to cater to Milan’s expanding exhibition-conference system, Fondazione Fiera Milano self-funded the construction of fieramilano, where most of the exhibitions and events were to be transferred.

With its 345,000 square meters of covered exhibition space, as well as 60,000 of outdoor space, fieramilano is one of the most modern and functional exhibition centers in the world.

It has 20 pavilions running down both sides of a central walkway for more than 1 kilometer, covered by a glass and steel structure, the famous “sail” signed by Massimiliano Fuksas. In addition to being a modern conference venue and a center that offers a wide range of services, it caters to all visitor and exhibitor needs. There are also more than 10,000 parking spaces for visitors – 3,000 in the multi-level car parks designed by Mario Bellini - and 5,000 for exhibitors.

fieramilano is part of a project to set up a veritable multifunctional site that offers services and comforts to exhibitors and visitors, and to help develop the surrounding area. The decision to pursue functionality, sustainability and beauty make it a veritable “architectural park”.

Ever since the exhibition complex was inaugurated, Fondazione Fiera Milano has continued in its effort to provide services that are geared to make the venue operate more smoothly and meld with its surroundings. As a result, multi-level car parks were built at Porta Ovest, as were the hotels at Porta Sud, the Horizontal Tower at Porta Est and green spaces that accommodate a public park around the perimeter of the complex.

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Fiera Milano centro servizi panoramicapg
fieramilano 10   Porta Sud in notturna
La vela all'alba
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Designed by Dominique Perrault, the 4-star hotel is managed by NH Hotels. Two towers that are 72 and 65 meters high and stand out because they are inclined at an original angle -- the taller tower leaning towards the exhibition complex, and the lower one in the direction of Milan – and with shiny black facades.

The 400-room hotel is connected directly to the Porta Sud entrance to fieramilano. 

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A large portion of the fieramilano perimeter includes a system of parks and green spaces.

Designed by Andreas Kipar, this is divided into two separate areas that are connected by a bike track, walkway and rest areas.


Two 13-storey buildings grouped into a single building complex more than 50 meters high, and with a circular heli-pad on the roof.

These are the figures for the Horizontal Tower which houses the main offices and is located near the Porta Est entrance to fieramilano.

Signed by architects Alfonso Femìa and Gianluca Peluffo from the 5+1AA architectural practice with Jean Baptiste Pietri, the Horizontal Tower is now one of premises of the Wind mobile operator.

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