Fieramilanocity, Portello: GIA.FI Costruzioni and Montagna Costruzioni win tender for the new Milano Convention Center, the largest in Europe

Milan, 24 March 2009 – The match for the new Milano Convention Center at Portello, a €50 million self-funded project to construct Europe’s largest conference center in Milan, was won by Gia.Fi Costruzioni (group leader) with Montagna Costruzioni.

The announcement was made by Sviluppo Sistema Fiera, the engineering & contracting arm of Fondazione Fiera Milano after today’s general meeting of Fondazione ratified the winner from among the 7 bidders.

The final decision in favor of the Gia.Fi Costruzioni S.p.A. and Montagna Costruzioni S.r.l. group was based on the technical value of the offer, the €44,999,989.05 bid and the  570-day completion schedule.

The next steps include:

the opening of the construction site by April 2009;
the completion of construction work by early 2011.

With 18,000 seats, 1 auditorium for 1,500 people, 1 plenary theater with 4,500 seats, 73 modular rooms with seating for20 to 2,000 people, and 54,000 sq.m of supporting exhibition space, the new Milano Convention Center will give Italy the largest congress center in Europe as early as 2011.
The interiors will be designed by Pierluigi Nicolin, noted for his work on the new MIC spaces.

The Portello redevelopment project blends in perfectly with the broader transformation of north-west Milan, melding with the adjoining districts and creates – by raising the level of the square opposite the new Congress Center and highlighting the side paths of the “rib” – the foundation for the new green strip between the City Life park and Monte Stella, and, in the future, the Expo area. The new gateway to the Congress Center, featuring an eye-catching architectural landmark, will make the Portello the gateway to a new and extraordinary area of Milan opening towards the Expo site and the new Fieramilano exhibition complex at Rho-Pero. For that matter, the name Portello is said to derive from an old road, the “Portello council road” that once ran between Milano and Rho.

The following table provides an overview of the most significant figures for the current Milano Convention Center in Via Gattamelata and the new Congress Center:


Current Congress Center

New Milano Convention Center


5.500 seats

18,000 seats



1 auditorium with 1,500 seats

Plenary Theater

1 plenary theater with 2,000 seats

1 plenary theater with 4,500 seats

Conference Rooms

35 rooms with 20 to 800 seats

73 rooms with 20 to 2,000 seats

Exhibition Area

11,500 sq.m of exhibition space

21,790 sq.m of exhibition space plus 32,300 sq.m (pavilions 3 and 4)


As with all projects by Fondazione Fiera Milano, the new Milano Convention Center will also be fully self-funded and will have a fixed short-term deadline thanks to the coordination provided by Sviluppo Sistema Fiera, the engineering and contracting company for territorial redevelopment and major construction projects, controlled by Fondazione Fiera Milano and set up to oversee construction of Fieramilano Rho.

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