Milan Exhibition System publishes its first sustainability report and applies the BS 8901 standard for the sustainable management of events: a significant step towards 2015 EXPO

The three organisations comprising Milan Exhibition System (Fondazione Fiera Milano, Sviluppo Sistema Fiera, Gruppo Fiera Milano) have issued their first individual sustainability reports and also integrated them in the combined report “Milan Exhibition System”.
The combined report examines operational and responsibility policies and initiatives, illustrating strong stakeholder relationships and demonstrating clear links between the System’s success and development of the local region (suppliers and customers).

The use of BS 8901 for the sustainable management of events is particularly significant and innovative. The Milan Exhibition System report is the first report issued by an international exhibition industry company that has used this standard.

In addition, the Report follows the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines, building upon a track record of social reports previously produced by Fondazione Fiera Milano, demonstrating a standing commitment to transparency and accountability.

The Report describes how the Milan Exhibition System works with key stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, residents, local and national government.

Two Tomorrows (one of the world’s leading sustainability assurance providers) conducted an assurance process in accordance with AA1000AS (2008), providing a Type 1 assurance, evaluating adherence to the principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness. The self-declared GRI reporting level is B+.

Highlights of the Report include:

  • a comprehensive baseline account of the most relevant issues: employment practices, health and safety, governance, transportation and mobility policies as well as energy use in buildings
  • a detailed description of the “responsible change” process undertaken by all managers  
  • the definition of goals and objectives towards responsible change and sustainability
  • the description of values, principles, ethic codes
  • aligned charts summarising sustainability performance areas of the reporting organisations
  • a report by Fondazione Fiera Milano in which “The Development Manifesto” is described, as one example of the comprehensive sustainability guidelines set for the Milan Exhibition System
  • a report by Gruppo Fiera Milano with a specific focus on environmental responsibility and the management of a “Green Fair”, which includes the forthcoming photovoltaic installation of 18 MWe and underlines the interest of Fiera Milano in adopting renewable energy solutions.
  • a report by Sviluppo Sistema Fiera which describes actions to ensure supply chain standards by the achievement of SA8000 certification

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