New company structure for the Fondazione Fiera Milano group

As approved by its board of directors at the 3 July meeting, Fondazione Fiera Milano has reorganized the group structure of its controlled company Fiera Milano Spa (which manages the Milan exhibition complex and provides all the exhibition services) in preparation for  the stock market listing of the latter.

The following was decided:

  • Fondazione Fiera Milano will transfer its shareholding in Expopage – the Internet company that is working on a large portal to multiply business opportunities and the exchange of information among the Fiera Milano trade people – to Fiera Milano Spa.  Fiera Milano Spa, which was already part of the company structure of Expopage, therefore becomes the majority partner with a 64% shareholding.
  • Fondazione will transfer its majority shareholding (100%) in Fiera Milano Congressi to Fiera Milano Spa. Fiera Milano Congressi manages the meeting rooms at the exhibition complex, including the new multi-functional center that recently came into being with the radical restructuring of Pavilion 17.
  • A new company will be established, and Fondazione will transfer its controlling shareholding in Fiera Milano International to this company. The new company will be owned equally by Fondazione and Fiera Milano Spa company, with Fiera Milano Spa managing its operations and having the financial control.

The new shareholding structure of Fondazione Fiera Milano expands the range of activities of Fiera Milano Spa and increases its business volume. This will allow Fiera Milano Spa to offer the complete range of exhibition services.