The new General Council of Fondazione Fiera Milano

Milan, 24th July 2006 – The General Council of Fondazione Fiera Milano, presided by Luigi Roth, which took office on Monday 10th July, appointed two vice-presidents and the members of the Executive Committee.

10th July 2006 – The new General Council of Fondazione Fiera Milano took office today and will remain until approval of the 2008-2009 financial statements. The ceremony was held at the Pirelli building, headquarters of the Lombardy Regional Council, in the presence of its president, Roberto Formigoni. "We are certain that thanks to the hard work done by this Council - declared Formigoni - Fiera Milano will continue to consolidate its role as a driving force of Lombardy and the entire country.

From 2000, the year Fondazione Fiera Milano was established, to 2005, when we inaugurated the new Rho-Pero exhibition complex, thanks also to all your hard work, we have gone through five years of intense activity and kept all our promises".
"After giving Lombardy what is an avant-garde exhibition centre in Europe and the world - added the President of Fondazione Fiera Milano, Luigi Roth - we decided to extend the scope of Fondazione in order to make it a tool at the service of Lombardy in other sectors apart from trade fairs.
An example of this is its last year's agreement with Fondazione Policlinico Irccs.
This is an important partnership, considering that both the trade fair and the health and scientific research sectors are fundamental driving forces of progress and growth in our community".
President Formigoni then rewarded the members of the outgoing General Council  "for the hard work done ever since the birth of Fondazione". Reappointed members were the president Luigi Roth, Giancarlo Anselmi, Roberto Conforti, Stefano Fugazza, Graziella Giobbi Martini, Amedeo Giuliani, Roberto Maddè, Giorgio Montingelli, Gaetano Morazzoni, Carlo Alberto Panigo, Antonio Pastore, Michele Perini, Lino Enrico Stoppani, Mario Luigi Vigo and the auditors Antonio Fezzi and Leone Martino Insam.
New members are Marco Acconero, Vittorio Bellotti, Gianni Beghetto, Emilio Bianchi, Pierenrica Conti Olivetti, Adalberto Corsi, Paolo Galassi, Gianpaolo Landi, Marco Reguzzoni, Roberto Vallini, Andrea Vento, Antonio Zoncada and the auditor Silvio Laganà.

Lastly, the president, Luigi Roth gave the gold medal of Fondazione Fiera Milano to president Formigoni "as a token of gratitude - said Roth - to a man who has worked extraordinarily hard to build this shared asset".