Arexpo spa call for tenders for the urban redevelopment of the Expo 2015 site

Milan 19 August 2014 - Arexpo spa -- the company controlled by the Lombardy Regional Government, Milan City Council, Fondazione Fiera, Rho City Council and the Provincial Government of Milan -- has issued a call for tenders for the transfer and urban redevelopment of the World Expo 2015 site. This follows resolutions passed by the shareholders at the 14 July meeting and by the Board of Directors on 1 August 2014.

The full version of the call for tenders, format and facsimile will be published on the website on 19 August, and then, in a short form on the Gazzetta Ufficiale Repubblica Italiana, BURL and on major Italian dailies. The deadline for tenders is 15 November 2014.


The minimum starting bid for the purchase of the area has been set at €315,426. Other obligations have been included in the call for tenders in addition to the starting bid. Offers lower than the minimum starting bid are not allowed.

The call for tenders by public procedure is open to the widest range of parties: individuals or organizations, individual companies, consortia, temporary groups of companies that have been or are being established.


The requirements bidders must meet in order to participate in the tender are generally the same as for all public tenders, such as possessing the necessary financial resources proven by at least two financial institutions.
In addition to submitting administrative documents, the parties concerned shall submit a technical bid containing the project proposal and a financial bid.


All the basic details concerning the call for tenders as well as the masterplan shall be posted on the company website. All necessary documents can be picked up at the Arexpo offices in Via Pola 14, Milan.

Bidders may submit questions concerning the call for tenders from 1 September to 30 October 2014 and anonymous answers to these questions will be posted on the website. Before submitting their tender, bidders must inspect the area accompanied by a representative from Arexpo, by 30 September 2014.


Tenders must be delivered by noon on 15 November 2014 together with a €3 million surety. The tender will be awarded by 30 November 2014.

The preliminary contract, with a €30 million deposit, shall be prepared by 31 December 2014. The deadline for the final contract is 31 December 2016 and it may be extended by one year.

In order to finalize the purchase of the area, the tender winner is required to complete the redevelopment project that has been submitted.


Redevelopment work must be performed in compliance with the instructions set out by Arexpo spa and in the masterplan guidelines and in keeping with town planning requirements for the site with the approval of a negotiated planning agreement.
The project shall include a multi-theme park of at least 440,000 sq.m.

The design proposals shall be examined by a committee of highly qualified experts who are proven to be independent, and appointed by Arexpo after the offers have been received.
In general, each proposal shall be evaluated against two objectives where 70% of the overall points awarded will be for the quality of the proposal and 30% will be for the price.
The 70% is determined using various quality factors, for example, more points will be given to low density building, as well as to a legacy with the Expo2015 themes.

The bidder obtaining the highest number of points, based on the sum of quality points and price points, will be awarded the tender.
In the event of two or more bidders scoring equal points, the winner will be selected by way of a draw.
The winner shall pay a 10% deposit becoming the promissory buyer, and pending the approval of the implementation plan by the City Councils of Milan and Rho.
The approval of the town planning scheme will be followed by the deed transferring ownership of the area to all effects and purposes.

Arexpo will support, co-develop and act as an agent between the public and private interests of the winner throughout this period until the purchase is finalized.
The sale does not include Cascina Triulza which will be transferred to the Milan City Council; the land owned by third parties (ANAS land, the Rho City Council “shuttlecock basin”, the water supply areas of the new watercourse and the abandoned watercourse of the Guisale stream); Palazzo Italia and buildings belonging to the property described in the negotiated planning tool. 



Arexpo S.p.A. was established on 1 June 2011 by the Lombardy Regional Government and is currently controlled by the Lombardy Regional Government and the Milan City Council, each holding a 34.67% share, by Fondazione Fiera di Milano with a 27.66% shareholding, and by the Milan Provincial Government and Rho City Council, respectively holding a 2.00% and 1.00% share.

The goals of the company in brief are:

to purchase the land on the Expo site from private and public parties, even by means of grant deeds;

to place this land at the disposal of the Expo 2015 S.p.A. company that will plan and complete the urban redevelopment projects for the upcoming World Expo, by assigning right of use or building lease or other rights to guarantee the purpose for which the land is made available;

to monitor, together with Expo 2015 S.p.A., the building of infrastructures and the redevelopment of the area to guarantee its enhancement and regeneration even after the Expo;

to coordinate the development of the urban plan for the land after the Expo, taking account of town planning regulations and the mix of functions set out in the Standards of the Zoning Variance approved under the Framework Agreement and under D.P.G.R. No. 7471 dated 4 August 2011;

to upgrade and redevelop the exhibition site, preferring projects that aim to deliver higher social and economic benefits to the territory, which will include selling the buildings owned by the company by public procedure after the Expo.