Closed today the call for applications for the redevelopment and enhancement of Portello – Fieramilanocity. Chairman and CEO Benedini: “We are pleased with the outcome of the project”

Milan, 31 January 2015At 12 noon today, with the delivery of the manifestations of interest, the call closed for applications for the enhancement and redevelopment of pavilion 1 - 2 in Portello, at Fieramilanocity.
As known, this redevelopment was made possible thanks to the revision of the Programme Agreement Fiera, promoted by the Municipality of Milan and by the Lombardy Regional Authority, which allows for the introduction of functions compatible with the main trade fair and conference function, while opening up to the city, which in the adjacent area sees significant urban development of previously impenetrable or derelict zones north and south of Portello.
The Manifestation of interest for the reconversion of pavilion 1-2 of fieramilanocity (the historical downtown exhibition ground of Fiera Milano)thus has the goal of promoting the transformation of the building to insert new functions in the area that are in synergy with MiCo – Milano Congressi and cater for the city.
The procedure aims to evaluate, with real estate operators, functional content of the works, the financial and corporate structure of the operation, and the actual development of the project.
The Fondazione has received 6 (six) manifestations of interest, which have proposed many and different functions for the redevelopment, such as hospitality-hotel facilities, entertainment and leisure functions, shopping areas, wellness and spa centre, health and medical-sports centre, centres for musical and creative events, football stadium with associated services, educational facilities, different catering facilities, indoor and outdoor sports activities and integrated parks system.
The applicants are: the newly-formed Temporary Association of Companies between ArcotecnicaGroup SpA-CILE SpA-PFK Consulting,  A.C. Milan and Arup Italia s.r.l., Prelios SpA, Saggese SpA, Mr. Giampiero Viola, Vitali SpA and STAM Europe S.A..
The evaluation of the manifestations of interest presented today will be launched by the Executive Committee of Fondazione Fiera Milano at the meeting of 2 February next, according to the criteria set forth in the call for manifestations of interest, published on 15 October 2014, and in the guidelines for the presentation of proposals, as follows:

  • Maintenance by Fondazione Fiera Milano of ownership of the building, which will be transferred during the operation;
  • Compatibility and synergy of the functions proposed with the trade fair- conference activities of fieramilanocity and MiCo-Milano Congressi, also regarding aspects of mobility and parking;
  • Presence of functions of general interest;
  • Ways to structure the project from a corporate and financial viewpoint;
  • Composition and skill of the proposal team;
  • Expected schedule for the operation.

“With the manifestations of interest received today, we are making genuine progress – explained the Chairman and CEO of Fondazione Fiera Milano Benito Benedini – with the redevelopment process of the Urban Centre of Fiera Milano, launched in 2004 with the transfer of two thirds of the land previously occupied by Fiera to CityLife and with the creation of the largest and most modern congress centre in Europe, MiCo, Milano Congressi.
It is highly satisfying for us to be able to say that, at a time of great difficulty for the real estate sector, our proposal has met with different, quality manifestations of interest.
From 2 February, the executive Committee will examine the proposals, adhering to the criteria set forth, fully and transparently, in the call for applications and in the guidelines, in order to identify new functions, also of public interest, suitable for the needs of a city undergoing constant transformation and in line with public local guidelines.
With our colleagues on the Executive Committee, we will then decide on the most appropriate function and the best procedures for inserting them into the urban context that is today home to the trade fair pavilions. The criteria will be those already announced: synergy with the existing facilities, innovation and accessibility. All this, obviously, within the scope of protecting the interests of the Fondazione and in agreement with the pertinent institutions. Therefore, the assessment will not only be economic in nature, but will also take into account how the proposals received may be inserted into the existing context.”
The Executive Committee of the Fondazione will conclude its evaluations next March, while the relative decisions will be put to the Board of Governors in a subsequent phase.