Enrico Pazzali: “The presence of RAI in Milan is going to open a new phase in the development and attractiveness of the city.”

This is how the President of Fondazione Fiera commented on the news of the opening of the new headquarters of the national public broadcasting network “RAI” in the MiCo area, between Via Gattamelata and Via Colleoni, in Milan

Enrico Pazzali, the President of Fondazione Fiera Milano, commented: “We worked hard on it and, in the end, here is the result. We put all our passion and expertise into this. RAI has contributed its solid tradition of significant broadcaster for Italy's national life. It is not true that it is impossible to make great plans for the future in Italy. This agreement testifies that important results can be achieved when institutions and businesses cooperate, and proves that laws, rules, and economic balances are compatible with ambitious objectives. The RAI offices in the exhibition areas of the Fiera in Milan presents a great perspective of historical, professional, and cultural continuity. Giving life to such an ambitious project was made possible by a fruitful collaboration with RAI’s top managers and with all the professionals that make up the company's staff, whom I warmly thank.” The President concluded by saying that “The new production centre will contribute to strengthening the axis with Rome by fostering a fruitful collaboration and new economic and cultural synergies between the two cities - a recipe that I have always advocated, because it is the only one capable of generating great value for the whole Country.”