Milan, 29 November 2019 - Enrico Pazzali, President of Fondazione Fiera Milano and Emanuele Orsini, President of Federlegno Arredo Eventi, signed the preliminary purchase contract this morning relating to the 6,000 sq.m Scarampo Area where the new headquarters of the Wood and Furniture Industry Federation and the offices of the Salone del Mobile will be built.

In addition to the project for the new headquarters of the Federlegno Arredo Eventi group, Fondazione Fiera will also build a hotel which will support both the trade fair and conference/convention activities organized by Fiera Milano Congressi. Both buildings will be signed by architect Michele De Lucchi, who will design an iconic and well-coordinated form of architecture (in an area that is considered emblematic with respect to the city and its trade fair history) in front of pavilions 3 and 4 of the FieraMilanoCity complex, currently one of the most prestigious districts of the new central area of Milan. This combination of historical links and future prospects reflects how well the capital of Lombardy can reinvent itself without ever losing its roots.

President Enrico Pazzali has pointed out that "Fondazione Fiera Milano has always been sensitive towards the values of quality and sustainability within the urban dimension. From an architectural point of view this combined intervention will occur in a part of the city which in recent years has been a focal point of profound transformation. The project is fundamentally important for Fiera Milano and the city of Milan itself and also with respect to the bond linking it to the Wood and Furniture Industry Federation. Fondazione Fiera is promoting this investment that will enhance its presence in the Portello district - now one of the most prestigious areas of the city - in keeping with its statutory aims and further developing the potential of the site."
In conclusion, Pazzali also stated that "the agreement intends to strengthen the partnership with the Milan Furniture Fair (the leading furniture trade fair worldwide) and to promote Italian design through the creation of the new Federlegno headquarters that will represent companies operating in the woodwork and furniture sector."

President Emanuele Orsini has explained that "With the agreement established today between Fondazione Fiera Milano and FLARE, the real-estate company under the full control of Federlegno Arredo Eventi, a project is taking shape that will provide a modern, eco-sustainable, future-oriented and highly functional 'home' for all of our associates which will be an expression of the approach, outlook and know-how that distinguishes us. It will be a display room that fully reflects the level of prestige of the woodwork and furniture production chain and the universally recognized high quality of 'Made in Italy' products. This strategic choice involves the creation of a truly iconic headquarters for the center of operations of the FederlegnoArredo/Salone del Mobile group that has always shared a vision regarding development and the imprint left on the city by Fondazione Fiera Milano."
"With the strong appeal of this architectural project, the new headquarters of the Salone del Mobile will certainly be able to reflect the link existing between events and the city where they are held," says Claudio Luti, president of Salone del Mobile Milano. "In a period of great development for the city, the spaces that will house the offices of the Salone and other organizations in the Group will become a new symbolic point of reference for Milan."

The Governor of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, stated that he is "very satisfied with the agreement established between Fondazione Fiera Milano and Federlegno Arredo Eventi because, on the one hand, we are continuing to increase the value of an area that has become a symbol of the economic dynamism of the city of Milan and the Lombardy region and, on the other hand, the Federlegno-Arredo headquarters and the new hotel in the Portello district convey a sense of the added value which Fondazione Fiera and Federlegno have been able to offer to the economy of Lombardy and Italy with the Salone del Mobile. Finally, with this project a further step will be to complete the installation of structures linked to the trade fair dimension which the city of Milan needed and which it can now be proud of."

The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, has stated that “with this new project the historic Portello district will continue its transformation in connection with the plans of Fiera Milano and Federlegno, which for various decades have been key players behind excellent events organized by the Salone del Mobile. The development of this new complex, representing the past and future identity of our impressive trade fair district, will contribute to increasing the beauty and appeal of an area already considered one of the various new future-oriented and international faces of Milan".

The site is one of Fieramilanocity’s Urban Center areas involved in the 2014 amendment to the Trade Fair Framework Agreement. The finalization of the contract is subject to approval by the Municipality of Milan of the Unitary Project Coordination Study document which identifies the location of compatible functions of the Urban Center.


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