Framework Agreement for the redevelopment of the City Complex in Milan’s old exhibition center

Milan, 16 June 2014 – A framework agreement was signed this morning at the Lombardy Regional Government to redevelop a vast area surrounding the Portello pavilions as well as for the complete makeover of Pavilions 1 and 2 which will cease to host exhibition activities once the Rho Pero exhibition complex enters into full service.

The document was signed by all the parties involved in the Framework Agreement; the Lombardy Regional Government, Milan Provincial Government, City Councils of Milan and of Rho Pero, Fondazione Fiera Milano and ENI. The agreement follows on from the free transfer from Fondazione Fiera Milano to the Milan City Council of Pavilion 3 located in Piazza 6 Febbraio, which will be placed at the disposal of the city again as it had been for many decades before.

The areas that Fondazione will transfer to the City Council can thus be used to provide the city with a new police station in via Faravelli, and an extensive 60,000 sq.m park to add to the green spaces that have already been planned in the Citylife project. The area needs to be reclaimed in order to host the functions that have been envisaged for the future. As for the redevelopment and the new functions for Pavilions 1 and 2 at Portello, Fondazione firmly intends to network with local authorities, the business community and the citizens. What will be achieved at Portello will address the need for maximum transparency, service, and usability. Various proposals have already been received from qualified private parties in Italy and Europe, but the final decision on the functions that will replace the exhibition activities that have been transferred to Rho-Pero, will be made by Fondazione Fiera Milano only after everyone has had his say.

Chairman and CEO of Fondazione Fiera Milano Benito Benedini stated: “I would like to thank all the local authorities involved for having once again recognized Fondazione for its non-speculative development, for having kept and added buildings for the sole purpose of offering the community large-scale infrastructures to promote  development. We did this with the construction of the Rho exhibition complex and continued with MiCo, the largest and most avant-garde congress center in Europe. As a result of the role that is being played by Fondazione, our public bodies are the only authorities worldwide that are not required to get involved in major investments. As far as the authorities and the people are concerned, we will be able to safeguard and enhance our assets while developing the surroundings through quality in design.”