Fondazione Fiera Milano: Enrico Pazzali reappointed as chairman. New Governing Body sworn in today

Milan, 16 September 2022 - The new Governing Body of Fondazione Fiera Milano was sworn in today, with Enrico Pazzali reappointed as chairman in accordance with the resolution of the Regional Council issued on 14 June.

The Governing Body, whose members will serve a three-year term from 2022 to 2024, was appointed in furtherance of the decree enacted by the President of the Lombardy Region on 9 September, in common agreement with the relevant government and public bodies.

“I would like to thank Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region, and Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, for reaffirming their faith in me for these next three years,” said Enrico Pazzali, chairman of the Governing Body. We’ve just had a very challenging three-year term in which the Foundation sought to make a tangible contribution to support the city of Milan and the entire Lombardy region through a period of significant difficulties, many of which continue today. I will take that same dedication forward into the future. I am grateful to be able to call on the determination of everyone at the Foundation and the support of the Governing Body and the Executive Committee in particular. I would like to thank all members of our Governing Body and our two Vice Chairmen for the support they have provided to me in these past few years. We find ourselves in tough times, but we will do everything necessary to overcome the new challenges that lie in wait and continue in our mission to support the exhibitions sector in Milan and Italy by making them even more competitive internationally while also catering to the needs of our local area and community.”

“As far as the Lombardy Region is concerned, it was only right and natural for Enrico Pazzali to be appointed to another term at the helm of Fondazione Fiera Milano,” said Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region. “During his three-year tenure, he has demonstrated strong managerial skills by stepping up to the needs of Lombardy’s pandemic-stricken community. An example of this is the conversion of the Fiera Milano premises into a COVID hospital. Naturally, I would also like to thank all members of the Foundation’s Governing Body and Executive Committee who have served alongside him. Unfortunately, the Foundation is now tasked with dealing with another difficult situation caused by the war in Ukraine and the increase in prices brought about by the energy crisis. So I wish all new and existing members every success in their endeavours, safe in the knowledge that they are well-equipped to tackle these new hurdles in a way that will allow Lombardy’s exhibitions sector to deliver on its mission of incentivising the growth and economic development of the region and its companies and of promoting the internationalisation and valuation of our production.”

“I would like to wish every success to Enrico Pazzali and the entire Governing Body of Fondazione Fiera Milano, said Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan. “The exhibitions sector has been badly affected by the tough, but appropriate, measures brought in to deal with the public health crisis. In these difficult last few years, this strategic growth asset for Milan, Lombardy and the country as a whole has been forced to find new ways and methods of keeping stakeholders interested and keeping the relationships forged alive. I am certain that the capabilities deployed by Fondazione Fiera Milano at each of the events it hosts or organises will continue to serve as an indispensable resource for dealing with the challenges faced in the current international climate.”

In addition to Enrico Pazzali’s reappointment as Chairman, Davide Corritore and Vasiliki Pierrakea were also appointed as Vice Chairmen. They are joined on the new Governing Body of Fondazione Fiera Milano by: Guido Bardelli, Giovanni Barzaghi, Umberto Bertolasi, Antonio Boselli, Diana Giovanna Maria Bracco, Francesco Brunetti, Giovanni Ciceri, Andrea Dellabianca, Camilla Doni, Daniele Ferrè, Pietro Gagliardi, Alberto Marenghi, Giulia Martinelli, Sandra Perilli, Guido Reggiani, Domenico Riga, Flavio Sangalli, Raffaella Sella, Alessandro Spada, Donato Valente, Stefano Venturi.

The Board of Auditors comprises: Raffaella Pagani (Chair), Salvatore Castronovo, Alessandro Crosti. Alternate auditors: Simona Cassarà, Oscar Sottocornola, Alberto Filippo Regazzini.

At the first meeting of the Governing Body, which was chaired by Enrico Pazzali, six further members (in addition to Pazzali as Chairman, and Corritore and Pierrakea as Vice Chairman) were appointed to the Executive Committee: Diana Giovanna Maria Bracco, Giulia Martinelli, Sandra Perilli, Domenico Riga, Alessandro Spada and Donato Valente. In a subsequent meeting, these members delegated the general management powers to the Chairman.