Forum proceedings published Exhibition in Years 2.0 between internationalization and local development

“Exhibition in Years 2.0 between internationalization and local development” is the title of a publication containing insights into this event which was organized by Fondazione Fiera Milano for the exhibition industry. This international forum was held on 26 March 2012 at MiCo-Milano Congressi in Milan and offered a professional, comparative assessment of actions in progress in the main areas worldwide to strengthen and maintain the leadership of exhibitions in a vastly different global scenario.

The volume analyzes the exhibition and congress industry by examining three topics:

  • Exhibitions are the main driver behind international development for entire segments of  the industrial and service sectors as well as being an effective tool in a country’s  industrial policy. The most forward-looking governments have added the international development of their exhibition system to their traditional export promotion activity.
  • Public stakeholders, often exhibition owners or managers, have very different expectations from country to country of the exhibition business. What is the impact of globalization on local expectations?
  • In Italy, the successful exhibitions were set up as excellent showcases of Italian production and were represented by the business associations. The Anglo-Saxon countries produce a multinational model that integrates specialist exhibitions and media. New players from China are hitting the market, Internet marketplaces are becoming true exhibitions. A growing number of countries are developing television formats that become exhibitions – events. How are business models evolving within the exhibition sector?

The above are three scientific papers on the subject by leading experts who provide an in-depth analysis of three topics: internationalization, local governance, and the cross-fertilization between exhibitions, live and digital events.

A professional assessment of the international situation can spur the exhibition industry to identify winning strategies.

“Exhibition in Years 2.0 between internationalization and local development”
By Fondazione Fiera Milano
160 pages
Language: English
Published by Egea Series: BEA
ISBN/EAN: 9788823851177