Redevelopment project for Fondazione Fiera Milano Pavilion 1-2 at Portello assigned to AC Milan-Arup Italia

~~The winning project meets all the goals and statutory purposes of Fondazione Fiera Milano; it also identifies the functions – sports, recreational, accommodation, training, research, health, services – that cater to the needs of a changing city and the development of the metropolitan area.
The main component of the project is the stadium, an innovative space that melds with the surrounding urban landscape.
The other complementary functions that are envisaged will be arranged around a number of green pathways, with public facilities, retail, food and beverage, a hotel in a privileged location, blending in with the main business and fitness center complex, all functions that are aimed at actively involving the local community.
AC Milan’s estimated budget is in excess of €300 million with the lease for Fondazione Fiera Milano set to be €4.050 million a year under a 50-year land lease agreement.
“I am satisfied – said Chairman Benito Benedini – with the final decision reached by Fondazione Fiera Milano, an institution that maintains and upgrades its real estate for the sole purpose of providing the community with large-scale infrastructures in line with development plans for the area and that include services to those living in the area. In addition to giving the city of Milan an avant-garde sports facility that is on a par with the most recent European developments, the proposal by AC Milan features functions that are compatible with the exhibition-conference activity as well as general services, thereby helping to enhance the urban landscape.”
“The redevelopment of Fiera’s pavilions – Benedini concluded – is a must-have to complete the makeover of the area, by repurposing it to suit the needs of a changing city. Inside Zone 8, the new range of functions that Fondazione has chosen for Portello will provide modern-day quality services to the surroundings with spaces that the public can enjoy”.
Using the same approach that Fondazione Fiera Milano has always used for its construction works, the procedures for the redevelopment of Pavilion 1 and 2 at Portello followed a specific timeline, allowing the Fondazione management team to apply the utmost attention, care and transparency when examining the proposals received and the additional details, further analyses and implementations that were necessary over recent months. Today’s decision will certainly help to increase the value of real estate in the area, which is bound to become a veritable hub and a new gathering place in the city.