The new General Council of Fondazione Fiera Milano formed under the Chairmanship of Enrico Pazzali

Milan, 1st August 2019 –  In implementation of decree no. 360 of the President of the Lombardy Region of 29 July 2019 and on the basis of the nominations preferred by the competent public authorities and stakeholder institutions, the new General Council of Fondazione Fiera Milano, which will remain in office for three years, has been formed at Palazzina degli Orafi in Largo Domodossola 1, Milan, with the following composition:
Enrico Pazzali (Chairman), Dario Frigerio, Franco Bianchi, Davide Dell’Acqua, Maria Chiara Roti, Diana Giovanna Bracco, Enrico Naro, Agostino Santoni, Giulia Martinelli, Fabio Acampora, Antonio Boselli, Giovanni Ciceri, Luca Botta, Sandra Perilli, Donato Valente, Mattia Granata, Pietro Gagliardi, Daniele Ferrè, Domenico Riga, Fabrizio Grillo, Giovanni Barzaghi, Maurizio Casasco, Antonio Lucio Colombini, Alessandro Rota, Francesco Brunetti, and Guido Bardelli.

The Board of Auditors comprises: Raffaella Pagani (Chairman), Stefano Brambilla, Alessandro Solidoro. Deputy Auditors: Elisabetta Brugnoni, Alberto Regazzini, and Maria Clara Rinaldi.
At the same time Enrico Pazzali took up his new post as Chairman -– in line with the resolution of the Regional Council of 30 July 2019 – and will head Fondazione Fiera Milano for the three-year period between 2019 and 2021, with expiration upon approval of the financial statements for the last year of office.

“I wish to thank President Attilio Fontana,” declared the new Chairman Enrico Pazzali, “for having invited me to take up this position and I thank Mayor Giuseppe Sala who shared the decision. We face great challenges in the coming years, and are well aware of the important role we play for our territory and its strong business system. We operate in Lombardy, a land of enterprise and solidarity. We operate in Milan, a city that makes us proud every day before the world. Here, an essential game is played out for the whole of Italy and we will honour it with the utmost commitment, supporting the entire General Council and Executive Committee of Fondazione Fiera Milano with a Strategic Plan on which we will work immediately, sparing no efforts to make the most of all our assets. Fiera Milano will be 100 years old in 2020, and this offers a precious opportunity not to remember the past, glorious as it has been, but to plan a future worthy of this great Italian, Lombard, and Milanese tradition.”

"Sincere best wishes for his work to Chairman Enrico Pazzali and to the whole team who will be working alongside him fulfilling important and prestigious projects in keeping with the heritage of this historic institution, helping to make the Lombard business system and, more generally, that of the whole country more competitive”, declared the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana. “On the eve of Fiera Milano’s centenary, it is more than ever necessary to consolidate the institutional mission of a structure that makes Milan’s and Lombardy’s reputation stronger and more international every day. The Lombardy Region”, concluded Fontana, addressing the new management of the Foundation, “will always be by your side in the awareness that the Milan Fair is increasingly synonymous with progress and economic development”.

“Congratulations and best wishes to Enrico Pazzali, the new president of Fondazione Fiera Milano,” said Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan. “There are many challenges facing our city, which is growing both nationally and internationally. Milan is one of the most attractive cities in the world, a role it has gained also thanks to the fruitful partnership with Fondazione Fiera Milano. We will continue on this path together, strengthening this bond that will bring Milan and the Foundation to further great successes”.

During the first meeting of the General Council, chaired by Enrico Pazzali, the two Deputy Chairmen, Dario Frigerio and Enrico Naro, and the other six members (in addition to the Chairman and the two Deputy Chairmen) of the Executive Committee were appointed: Fabio Acampora, Diana Bracco, Davide Dell’Acqua, Giulia Martinelli, Sandra Perilli, and Agostino Santoni.
With the General Council ended, the Executive Committee met, delegating the ordinary administrative powers to the Chairman.