Fondazione Fiera Milano owns the exhibition and conference districts, maintains and qualifies their buildings, preserves and protects the historic and art heritage of an entity that has shaped the history of Milan and Italy.


Real estate assets

Designing and developing buildings does not mean just providing usable spaces for a variety of purposes, but also impacting the appearance of a city and contributing to its beauty. Through the management of its real estate assets, Fondazione Fiera Milano, in close collaboration with local institutions, participates in the redefinition of the urban skyline.

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The Historic Archives

The Historic Archives of FFM guard a heritage of history and culture through images, catalogues, and objects related to exhibitions.

For over a century they have accompanied the creative, manufacturing, and entrepreneurial genius that over the years has contributed to the success of the Made-in-Italy brand globally.

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Art assets

Palazzina degli Orafi, the historic headquarters of Fondazione Fiera Milano, hosts an important collection of contemporary art. In fact, the Foundation established an annual fund for the purchase of art works in 2012.

The Fund has a dual objective: to enrich and increase the art assets of FFM and contribute to the support of Miart.