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In 2022, the year that marked the beginning of the new term of office for the directors that will remain until the approval of the 2024 financial statements, Fondazione Fiera Milano continued its intense activity of promotion of the economic, social, cultural, and scientific development by leveraging its assets and consolidating important equity, financial, and governance results, in a deeply changed economic and social scenario after the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia–Ukraine conflict.

What is new is the voluntary integration of financial reporting with sustainability reporting in a single document in the 2022 financial statements, a move to anticipate compliance with the new European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) that will become mandatory starting from 2025, with the purpose of promoting a culture of transparency and rule-of-law.

million €

profits for
the year 2022

milion €

net worth
in 2022



EBITDA in 2022 + 41.6%
increase over 2021

New investments

With the result obtained this year, Fondazione Fiera will be able to open a new investment season in the three-year period ahead, as defined in our 2023–2025 Business Plan, for an estimated approximate € 211 million, to reach € 309 million if the horizon is expanded to 2027.

These figures allow a long-term path of sustainable growth to be developed by leveraging the foundation’s property, i.e. the spaces that host the campus of the Academy of Fondazione Fiera and the new RAI Production Centre, as well as by strengthening the core trade show and congress business, and developing internal skills. In addition, Fondazione Fiera Milano is going to support the Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics, a strategic event for the city of Milan and the whole region of Lombardy, with the setting up of the facilities that will host the speed skating rink in the pavilions of FieraMilano in Rho and the Media centre at the Allianz MiCo in Milan.

Reporting template

The 2022 financial statements of Fondazione Fiera Milano, inspired by the virtuous reporting and transparency models adopted by listed companies, include financial and non-financial reporting in a single document, thus allowing all stakeholders to have an overall view of the commitments and results achieved by the Foundation.

The objective is to offer our stakeholders not only the information they need to understand the key characteristics of the organization – corporate governance systems, business ethics, economic outcomes – but also the most significant impacts of managing their economic activities.

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