The history of Fiera di Milano since 1920

The Historic Archives of Fondazione Fiera Milano preserve the documents that have been produced since 1920 - the year of the first “Fiera campionaria”. They tell the story of the Fiera and of the city that has always hosted it, offering interesting insights about changes in customs, the national economic development, and finally the industrial policy of an entire Country.

For many decades, the Fiera Campionaria has been an excellent platform for trade exchanges and an important window on the world, besides offering unrivalled knowledge and opportunities for economic, cultural, and social growth.

The Historic Archives of Fondazione Fiera Milano have been recognized by the entity for the protection of archives, the “Soprintendenza archivistica”, as being of considerable historical interest for the Region of Lombardy. They contain posters, photographs, catalogues, newspapers, and much more.

digital objects

like posters, photographs, catalogues, newspapers, films and other assets


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in addition to those of the web portal “Prospettiva Archivi”

The Historic Archives

One hundred years of history of the Italian economy between two wars: an Italian miracle, the birth of Europe and many, many crises, such as the one we are still experiencing today. This, and much more, can be found in the Historic Archives of Fondazione Fiera Milano, which embraces the whole life of the Milan's trade exhibition with 500K images, over 100 posters in all languages, 30K volumes, 5,000 catalogues and many memorabilia that illustrate the growth and development of the Italian industry.

To help increase the number of visitors, a partnership with Google, the world's most important search engine, has been launched a few months ago. On the Foundation's page in Google Arts & Culture users can follow themed itineraries and watch galleries that tell the story of this precious heritage.

Prospettiva Archivi

The Historic Archives are also the driving force behind the Prospettiva Archivi project. Promoted together with AFIP International and Triennale Milano, with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, the initiative collects, protects and shares the archives of inspiring Italian photographers, making thousands of digitized and catalogued images available to the public in compliance with international standards.

The project organizes the collection, preservation, and utilisation of a documentary heritage of images that can be made available for enjoyment through an online platform.

The first to be acquired have been the archives of Franco Bottino, one of the most famous fashion, costume, and advertising photographers of the 1960-1990 decades, but then a collaboration with the Giovanni Gastel Archives led to the publication of approximately 20,000 images of the great Milan photographer.