Research department

Centro Studi is an organization that produces surveys and analyses on the exhibition, conference, and event industry. Through a continuous monitoring of the ecosystem, it analyses the relationships between players, studies the economic and territorial impact of exhibitions and conferences, interprets the possible impacts of global trends, and tries to understand the future trends of the sector, with a focus on sustainability and the digital transformation.

Centro Studi actively contributes to the dissemination of knowledge in the field of exhibitions, conferences, and corporate events by publishing research and surveys, organizing or participating in discussions and meetings to gain insights in the related fields. The Centre plays a role in the production of research, also at international level, for reference associations, i.e. EMECA and UFI.

It shares its research with other centres for studies, policy-makers, academies, and media. It is also a supporting member of GEI, Gruppo Economisti d’Impresa, the Italian Association of Business Economists.

Research activities constantly feed the teaching and training activities organized by FFM through its Academy.

Trade Show Report

The Trade Show Report prepared in collaboration with the Centre for Studies of Confindustria, the association of Italian industrialists, analyses the close link between a country’s economy and its exhibition system, in order to promote the knowledge of a strategic sector for economic growth and the industrialization of companies.

The first edition of the report, entitled “L’Italia delle fiere Internazionali”, published in March 2022, analyses the Italian landscape both in general terms and, more specifically, in the sectors that are the largest exporters of Made in Italy products, and proposes a comparison between the four European Countries with the greatest vocation for trade exhibitions (Italy, Germany, France, and Spain) and the United States.

Rapporto Fiere 2021

Conference and Event Report

The Conference and Event Report is the result of the collaboration with ASERI (Alta Scuola di Economia e Relazioni Internazionali) the school of economics and international relations of the Catholic University of Milan.

Published for the first time in 2022 with the title “L'Europa dei grandi eventi associativi e corporate”, it was presented at the Milan Ambassador Programme.

Rapporto Congressi ed eventi 2021


The Fondazione Fiera Milano Observatory was created with the aim of measuring and enhancing the fundamental role of SMEs and Made in Italy in the furniture, fashion, mechanics and food industries, to provide new food for thought, relevant and strategic information on exports and innovation as regards the Italian companies that use trade exhibitions to grow.

Surveys start from listening to the Italian exhibitors who participate in the FieraMilano events, for a total of about 3,000 interviews a year.

Focus and analysis

The research work done by Centro Studi provides insights in the core business – trade shows and congresses – and supports its function as a development driver.

Centro Studi explores themes that are strategic for the exhibition system with exclusive surveys or with the contribution of influential voices.

Stime sulla perdita di fatturato del settore fieristico in Italia e stime delle perdite di indotto in Europa
Analisi dello scenario mondiale e scenario fieristico nell’anno della pandemia, in collaborazione con The European House – Ambrosetti
Disruption, Lindy e antifragilità – Segnali alle fiere dallo scenario internazionale
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Analisi dello scenario economico e delle potenziali direttrici di sviluppo dell’industria della calzatura
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