Support the development of Milan and Italy

Fondazione Fiera Milano – a non-profit private foundation – has been promoting economic, social, cultural, and scientific development initiatives for over twenty years to encourage and favour the organization of trade fairs and conventions in Italy and abroad through its subsidiary Fiera Milano S.p.A. The Foundation is the majority shareholder of Fiera Milano S.p.A., with a 63.82% share, and owns the Fiera Milano exhibition centre and Allianz Mico, one of the largest convention centres in Europe.

The Foundation also owns Fiera Parking S.p.A, the entity that manages the car parks of Fiera Milano.


A development shareholder

Fondazione Fiera Milano supports the sustainable growth of the Milan trade fair and convention system with a view to increasing its value, competitiveness, and positioning at global level.

After the construction of Fiera Milano in Rho and the development of the Allianz Mico convention centre, Fondazione Fiera Milano has committed to ecological transition and digital innovation with state-of-the-art infrastructure and solutions.

Nearly 50% of its investments are in digital and green environments and aim at making its assets increasingly connected and sustainable.

Local developer

The Foundation has engaged in the requalification of its spaces in the historic exhibition district by promoting urban transformation with architectural, social, and cultural solutions of recognized quality.

The objective of the requalification project is to concentrate the exhibition and convention activities in the Portello pavilions and allocate the new buildings to the RAI production centre and university campus.

Knowledge accelerator

Fondazione Fiera Milano also promotes and develops a rich heritage of history, art, culture and, more generally, knowledge.

Through the Centro Studi (Study Centre) e Accademia Fiera Milano (Fiera Milano Academy), the Foundation favours an insight-led approach to the economy, and particularly to the manufacturing and services sectors, and trains highly specialized professionals for the future of the industry.

Its historical archives (Archivio storico) then preserve the history of the fair and of the Italian entrepreneurial development and make it available for consultation. The Foundation then increases its contemporary art heritage by using the fund Fondo di Acquisizione, established in 2012 to support Miart.

Fondazione Fiera Milano is also planning to develop new spaces dedicated to the historical-cultural heritage, as well as to multidisciplinary and multi-territorial training and partnerships, to contribute to the construction of a new knowledge economy.

Advocate of the third sector

The Foundation supports initiatives with a strong social impact with the aim of reducing inequalities, fostering inclusion, and strengthening connections with its surrounding communities through the implementation of new socially-relevant projects, in collaboration with many public and private entities.

Some of the most recent examples of this commitment are the construction of a hospital in the fair district and the setting up of two vaccination centres in the former industrial area of Portello and in Palazzo delle Scintille, as well as the collaboration with Fondazione Progetto Arca Onlus in favour of Ukrainian refugees and homeless people.


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