A unique training center

Unique in the world, in the trade show landscape, and among the main training centres in Europe for the exhibition, congress and events chain, Accademia Fiera Milano offers master, training and refresher courses for professions related to the world of exhibitions and events.

The Academy, therefore, looks at both young people, to train new professional figures to be included in the sector, and professionals and companies who use trade shows as a marketing tool, to disseminate greater knowledge and specialization.

Thanks to the experience gained by Fiera Milano in over 100 years of activity, Accademia Fiera Milano trains new talents for the exhibition, conference and event industry, updates professionals in the sector, and develops the professionalism of companies that use the trade shows as a marketing tool.

This opportunity is made possible by the skills of professionals who promote and organize relations and design experiences, and set up the physical and virtual spaces in which they take place. The courses and masters organized by Accademia Fiera Milano are dedicated to them.

professionals trained

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Progea and MEED

Training the professionals of tomorrow

Accademia Fiera Milano uses highly-specialized teachers and professionals of the sector, both internal and external to Fiera Milano. Our Centro Studi (Centre for Studies) is an industry-specific facility entirely made available to students, as well as the extensive Archivio storico (Historic Archives), which also includes a specialized library.

The commitment of Accademia Fiera Milano and the quality of the training offered have been awarded twice with the Global Exhibitions Day Award - in 2017, for the “Highest Profile Online Activity”, and in 2019 for “Talent Promotion”.

Learning by Doing

The teaching method used at Accademia Fiera Milano integrates classroom learning with direct experience in physical places where exhibitions and trade shows, congresses, and events are held.

The Group's exhibition and conference facilities provide students with a unique ‘testing ground’ in which to observe, experiment, and evaluate the contents of training.




Progea is a post-graduate master course for young people who wish to enter the world of design and organization of trade exhibitions, events, and points of sale. Here students are trained to become Exhibition Managers and Event Managers, the professional roles who manage the process of creating, designing, and organizing individual and collective events, with a special focus on structured and complex projects. By combining different points of view and training multifaceted professionals, capable to express themselves in a complex ecosystem and equally operate in the physical and digital worlds, PROGEA is a unique Master in

the sector, also because it offers direct ‘hands-on’ experiences in the field. The Master is renewed every year, to be constantly in line with the requirements of an ever-changing market; it offers many different possibilities for professional development and internships and project works that lead to real employment opportunities.

From the 2023-24 edition, thanks to an agreement with the Statale University of Milan, Progea has become a first-level university master.

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MEED is a master in event and exhibition design, a new interdisciplinary path dedicated to the design of spaces and the organization of trade exhibitions and events, conceived for graduates from all over the world. The course qualifies students as Event and Exhibition Designers, the professional roles that are in charge of making the difference in trade shows and events by conceiving, designing, managing, and communicating new and successful formats. A first-level university master, MEED aims to train new professionals to combine the design approach with management, marketing, and communication skills. The proposed method is that of ‘design thinking’, which is applied both to physical and digital spaces, and to the interactions between different groups of customers

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