Benito Benedini, new Chairman and CEO of Fondazione Fiera Milano

Milan, 17 September 2013 – Following decrees by the President of the Lombardy Regional Government and designations by the Boards and Bodies concerned, the new Board of Directors of Fondazione took office today in its premises at Largo Domodossola 1 in Milan, Italy. The board will remain in office for three years. Its members include:

Benito Benedini (Chairman), Pietro Accame, Gian Domenico Auricchio, Andrea Bartolini, Giovanni Benedetti, Piero Bonasegale, Luca Botta, Simonpaolo Buongiardino, Giuseppe Castelli, Rodolfo Citterio, Aldo Romario Fumagalli, Gabriele Galli, Giorgio Ernesto Iemmolo, Maurizia Olga Leto Di Priolo, Paolo Lombardi, Gianna Angela Martinengo, Alberto Meomartini, Massimo Minelli, Primo Minelli, Francesco Prinzivalli, Paola Profeta, Nicolas Rigamonti, Carlo Sangalli, Piermario Sarina, Alessandro Ubiali.

The Board of Auditors includes: Paolo Bertolino (Chairman), Salvatore Catalano, Francesca Maria D’Alessandro.

At the same time, Knight of Labor Benito Benedini  -- under a decree by the Lombardy Regional Governmenttook office as the CEO and will be at the helm of Fondazione Fiera Milano for 2013-2015, until the approval of the last financial statement of this term.

R. Maroni e B. Benedini

"I would like to thank President Maroni- stated the newly-appointed Chairman and CEO Benito Benedini – for having called me to this prestigious position and also those who supported this appointment, especially the Mayor of Milan Pisapia and the trade associations that are represented by the Milan Chamber of Commerce. This broad consensus will prompt me to work hard in a Foundation which, by starting with the important goals achieved over recent years, will continue to play a role in propelling the economic development of the territory and the country as a whole."

The first meeting of the Board of Directors chaired by Benito Benedini took place, during which the two Deputy Chairmen Gianna Martinengo and Carlo Sangalli were appointed as well as six members (in addition to the Chairman and the two Deputy Chairmen) of the Executive Committee:
Pietro Accame, Piero Bonasegale, Rodolfo Citterio, Paolo Lombardi, Alberto Meomartini.

When the meeting was adjourned, the Executive Committee met to delegate powers of ordinary administration to the Chairman and define the powers of the Managing Director.

Corrado Peraboni was confirmed the Managing Director of Fondazione Fiera Milano.

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