Fondazione Fiera Milano/ Rai: agreement signed today for relocation of milan television production centre

Milan, 4 December 2023 - Rai's CEO, Roberto Sergio, the President of Fondazione Fiera Milano, Enrico Pazzali, in the presence of Rai's President, Marinella Soldi, the Administrative Director of the Foundation, Antonio Caorsi, the General Director of Rai, Giampaolo Rossi and the Technical Director of Fondazione Fiera Milano, Oscar Cassa signed the binding framework agreement between Rai and Fondazione Fiera Milano for the relocation, in 2029, of the Rai Production Centre in Milan on a portion of the area called MiCo Nord. 

The agreement, which envisages the future lease of MiCo's spaces for a duration of 27 years, will facilitate a functional upgrade, also in terms of digitalisation, ways and quality of work, ensuring a significant improvement in terms of financial requirements between now and 2032 within the framework of the building plan. 

For Fondazione Fiera Milano, the intervention is part of the project to enhance its real estate assets, which will include the creation of a communication, training, knowledge and hospitality hub.