Fondazione Fiera Milano supporting the industrial policy of the local district in the 2020-2022 industrial plan

The General Council has approved the Forecast and Planning Report consisting of the 2020-2022 Industrial Plan and the 2020 Budget, which will strengthen the mission and the objectives of Fondazione Fiera Milano

Milan, 28 November 2019 - The President of Fondazione Fiera Milano, Enrico Pazzali, presented to the General Council of the Fondazione Fiera Milano the Forecast and Planning Report, including the new 2020-2022 Industrial Plan and the 2020 Budget, which was unanimously approved.
Marking the beginning of the mandate of the new Directors for the three-year period 2019-2021, in accordance with the lines of development set out in the previous three-year period, the 2020 - 2022 Industrial Plan indicates for Fondazione Fiera Milano a target of over 150 million euro of revenue, more than 100 million euro of EBITDA and almost 30 million euro of net profit, which will be reinvested with a view to supporting the local area and the trade-fair/congress system, and a net equity of over 700 million euro, showing a significant level of growth with respect to the 664 million euro recorded in 2018.
The strategy underlying the plan provides for substantial changes in the mission and the objectives of Fondazione Fiera Milano as an instrument at the service of the industrial and territorial policy, and covers four particular areas of intervention.
With regard to the first area, Fondazione will strengthen its role as development shareholder to support the Fiera Milano group and its growth, promoting - in line with the statutory aims - trade fair and conference business opportunities, also through the development of activities relating to the acceleration and 'incubation' of new initiatives.  Fondazione’s strong focus on its activities is constantly informed by a strong commitment to the values of legal correctness, culture and sustainability.
The second area of intervention relates to the investment of almost 150 million euro over the three-year period in order to increase competitiveness within the exhibition and congress complex and to promote the development of the surrounding territory.
The third area relates to Fondazione’s competencies and its Academy, which will further enhance its training potential by means of the international Master in Event and Exhibition Design (MEED) academic program, the first course of advanced, master-level studies in the world specifically dedicated to this sector.

Finally, Fondazione Fiera Milano will continue to support Third Sector institutions through a form of charity aimed at reducing inequality and helping the local area become increasingly  'inclusive'. Third sector groups that will receive aid from Fondazione are non-profit organizations capable of presenting substantial projects to support a culture of inclusion and legality in their partnership with public institutions.
With its various initiatives the new Industrial Plan will therefore generate for Fondazione further impetus with respect to the competitiveness of the trade-fair/congress system, operational efficiency and financial discipline. Investment choices are based on a logic of sound, prudent management and the infrastructure development projects will drive further growth.
The President of Fondazione Fiera Milano, Enrico Pazzali, commented on the approval of the new strategy:

"The Industrial Plan for the 2020-2022 three-year period establishes and reinforces Fondazione Fiera Milano in an even more distinctive way in the scenario of business foundations, with a forecast of significant and sustainable growth for a highly significant structure of assets. Throughout its history and inheriting the role of the former Fiera Campionaria, Fondazione has always followed a path of growth and transformation, implementing an insightful and responsible process designed to add further value to both the economic system and the local community."
"Events held to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Fiera Milano during the course of 2020 will offer an occasion to recall an important period in the history of this district and, at the same time, an opportunity to consider the future of the Trade Fair as an instrument that can facilitate the growth of Italian SMEs through strategic paths of internationalization and innovation, in the increasingly pressing context of digital transformation".

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  1. Fondazione Fiera Milano was established in 2000, inheriting the economic, cultural and property assets of the Ente Fiera di Milano, which was founded by royal decree in 1922. It was one of the first driving forces underlying the economic and urban development of the city of Milan. The Foundation now owns Fiera Milano, Fieramilanocity and Mi-Co Milano Congressi in the city - one of the largest and most modern congress centers in Europe - and promotes the organization of national and international events and initiatives, however in a manner always in harmony with the local district where they occur.
  2. Fondazione Fiera Milano places at the disposal of the Fiera Milano Group, of the companies operating within the  trade fair system and of the public at large, its Development and Study Bureau, the Academy and the Historical Archives for cultural development projects and economic and social research.
  3. For the present and for future scenarios Fondazione has adopted two strategic objectives which further qualify its role as an activist shareholder and as a corporate foundation.
  4. As a shareholder it intends to strengthen the role of Fiera Milano S.p.A. through a series of investments aimed at increasing international and national competitiveness as well as the sustainability of the exhibition/congress infrastructure. The MiCo Congress Center is increasingly seen as a factor that will contribute towards the attractiveness of the city and has allowed Milan to become one of the most important destinations in the sphere of world-class congresses.  


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