Fondazione Fiera Milano to sign a memorandum of understanding to host the speed skating rink of the Milano Cortina 2026 olympics

The Foundation confirms its mission in support of the Fiera Milano Group for the development of new business opportunities and the international attractiveness of Milan

Today Fondazione Fiera Milano has confirmed its willingness to be a partner of Fondazione Milano Cortina and its availability to host the speed skating rink at FieraMilano Rho by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
“This initiative confirms the mission of Fondazione Fiera Milano in support of the development of Fiera Milano and the attractiveness of the territory. – said Enrico Pazzali, the President of Fondazione Fiera Milano - We are proud to be able to contribute to the realization of an extraordinary world event and, at the same time, intensify our commitment to the development of the Fiera Milano Group. This investment will boost new business opportunities also offered by the diversification of the use of the exhibition centre, which will become increasingly competitive at international level. We are absolutely certain - he concluded - of the validity of our unique and innovative project at international level that, at the end of the event, will leave a new area to be used for other types of events.”
The project includes the combination of pavilions 13 and 15 into a single space for a total of over 35K sq.m. of covered area, that can accommodate the 400-meter speed skating rink, a gallery with approximately 6,500 seats with total visibility of the circuit, and a long training track, changing rooms, and other facilities necessary for the organization, such as air conditioning and humidity control to ensure the most suitable conditions to maintain the frozen surfaces in accordance with the requirements of the International Skating Federation (30-40 % humidity and 15°C on ice). The pavilions are already equipped with services in support of the events, such as a ticket office, meeting rooms, a bar, and a self-service restaurant. Pavilion 24 will be dedicated to the creation of a media centre and other support areas for the event.
The environmentally-sustainable structure will be almost exclusively powered by a photovoltaic system, one of the largest in Europe, installed on the roofs of the exhibition halls, which today reaches a power of 12.1 MWp and will be expanded to 15 MWp by 2024.
Winter climate control will be generated by the district heating system from the waste-to-energy plant of the Municipality of Milan, which uses the city’s incinerated waste.
The system will offer about 6,000 parking spaces for the public and 1,500 for staff and service personnel, in addition to the public infrastructure such as the underground and railway services.
A fundamental contribution was given by the organizers of the trade show that will take place simultaneously with the Olympic games, as they immediately made themselves available to adapt to the needs arising from the development of the project.