Giovanni Gorno Tempini new Chairman of Fondazione Fiera Milano

Milan, 14 September 2016 –  Following a decree by the President of the Lombardy Regional Government dated 2 September 2016 and designations by the administrations and bodies concerned, the new Governing Body of Fondazione took office today in its  premises in Largo Domodossola 1 for a three-year term and is composed of:
Giovanni Gorno Tempini (Chairman), Fabio Acampora, Giovanni Benedetti, Franco Bianchi, Carlo Bonomi, Simonpaolo Germano Buongiardino, Davide Vincenzo Dell’Acqua, Andrea Piero Dell’Orto, Andrea Giovanni Di Stefano, Dario Frigerio, Marilena Ganci, Mattia Giuseppe Granata, Ernesto Giorgio Iemmolo, Gianna Angela Martinengo,  Alberto Meomartini, Massimo Minelli, Enrico Maurizio Naro, Nicola Orsi, Francesco Prinzivalli, Paolo Profeta, Nicolas Rigamonti, Alan Christian Rizzi, Alessandro Rota, Stefano Rusconi, Monica Candida Vinci, Alfredo Zini.

The Board of Auditors is composed of: Giovanni Michiara (Chairman), Stefano Brambilla, Alessandro Solidoro. Alternate Auditors: Silvia Buono, Matteo Giuseppe Francesco Insam, Alberto Ribolla.

Giovanni Gorno Tempini also took office as Chairman – following a Regional Council resolution dated 12 July 2016 – and will lead Fondazione Fiera Milano ( during the 2016-2018 period, his term in office ending on the date of the approval of the balance sheet for the last financial year of his term.
"I would like to thank President Maroni- stated the new Chairman Gorno Tempini – for having called me to this prestigious appointment and all those who shared this designation, in particular the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala. This unanimous consensus by the major stakeholders in Fondazione will be a further stimulus to my strong commitment in a Foundation which, based on its impressive track record over the years, will continue to work alongside Fiera Milano SpA as well as for the economic development of the area and the country as a whole."
The first meeting of the Governing Body chaired by Giovanni Gorno Tempini was then held, during which the two Deputy Chairmen Dario Frigerio and Simonapaolo Buongiardino were appointed as were six other members (in addition to the Chairman and the two Deputy Chairmen) of the Executive Committee: Carlo Bonomi, Davide Dell’Acqua, Gianna Angela Martinengo, Alberto Meomartini, Nicolas Rigamonti, Monica Vinci.

At the close of the meeting, the Executive Committee met to delegate the powers of ordinary administration to the Chairman and determine the powers of the General Manager. The Executive Committee approved a proposal by Chairman Gorno Tempini to confirm Paolo Lombardi as the General Manager of Fondazione Fiera Milano.  



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