Federlegnoarredo Group plans modern Eco-Friendly headquarters to be built on property purchased from Fondazione Fiera Milano

Milan December 13, 2018 - The new Headquarters of Federlegno Arredo Eventi (organizer, among others, of the Salone del Mobile and MADE expo) will be built on property currently owned by Fondazione Fiera Milano, in an area between via Guglielmo Silva, via Paolo Uccello and viale Lodovico Scarampo. 
The land, which falls within the 2014 Supplementary Agreement to the Fiera Framework Agreement, sits opposite Portello pavilions 3 and 4.
The unanimous decision was taken by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Fondazione Fiera Milano General Council, convened under the chairmanship of Giovanni Gorno Tempini, since it dealt with the transfer of a minimal part of Fondazione Fiera Milano’s real estate holdings.
The building, to be designed by a world-renowned Italian architect, will occupy an area of approximately 6,000 square meters.
“This prestigious undertaking – explains Giovanni Gorno Tempini – will be a symbol of Italian design and of the 60-year bond between Federlegno, the Fiera and the city of Milan. With this project, which fits in well with other key initiatives called for in the Fondazione Fiera Milano 2019/2021 Industrial Plan approved last November, Fondazione Fiera Milano aims to enhance its presence in the Portello area. The proceeds will be used to finance planned investments for the development of the fair district and the surrounding community, in keeping with expectations and guidelines from the City of Milan.”
“A new home for our members and the Group’s programs. A modern, iconic, sustainable building located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the new Milan, designed by a world-renowned Italian architect. It will ensure adequate space for an organization that, for some time now, has expanded beyond Italy’s borders and is increasingly projected toward global objectives”, 
remarks Federlegno Arredo Eventi president, Emanuele Orsini, regarding the unanimous decision taken by all of the Group’s authorized bodies to construct a new headquarters in Milan. 

“This project is designed to increase and leverage the Group’s holdings, consolidating its historical assets and focusing on a project in which we firmly believe and that by all rights falls under the policies of our company to invest for the benefit of its member businesses and the growth of the nation”, continues Orsini.
“This is a strategic choice that complements the mission of the Salone del Mobile in promoting the excellence of design and of the entire system represented by FederlegnoArredo. Investing in a high-value architectural project in Milan today not only fulfills a functional role but becomes a symbol in an area of the city projected toward the future – comments Claudio Luti, president of the Salone del Mobile - A prestigious headquarters strengthens the ties between the Salone and Milan and can become an added element of attraction for the Salone brand at the international level.”