Introducing IT-EX, the first italian international ehibithions association

Support for the internationalisation and promotion of the Italian exhibition system: these are some of the key objectives of the Association, promoted by Fondazione Fiera Milano together with the main players in the sector.

President Antonio Intiglietta said: 'The Association has set itself the goal, which can no longer be postponed, of making people realise how international exhibitions are the fundamental asset for companies and must play a central role in defining a development strategy and industrial policy in a complex and changing global scenario'.


Milan, 7 February 2024 - This morning the deed of incorporation was signed that confirms the birth of IT-EX, the new Italian international exhibitions association which acts as an authoritative representative to support the interests and needs of the sector, promoting internationalisation.
Established by Fondazione Fiera Milano, a founding partner, and the founding and constituent partners - AIMPES Servizi S.r.l., A.N.C.I. Servizi S.r.l., ASSOMAC SERVIZI S.r.l, CEU - CENTRO ESPOSIZIONI UCIMU S.p.A., EICMA S.p.A., Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.A., Fiera Milano S.p.A., GE.FI S.p.A., IES S.r.l., Lineapelle S.r.l., Mifur S.r.l., Proposte Srl, RX Italy S.r.l., S.I.TEX S.p.A. - to bring together and give a voice to exclusively international organisers and exhibition centres, the Association will deal with industrial policy for the sector, through unified dialogue with institutions and agencies that define the national export promotion strategy and with the main European and global exhibition organisations.
To date, they attract 67% of exhibitors and 53% visitors from abroad; these figures could reach much higher percentages with the involvement of the remaining Italian international players.
IT-EX wants to respond concretely to the international vocation of the Italian industry, which must be protected with an industrial policy that favours exports. It requires an equally international exhibition presence, to be developed along three lines: strategies to attract more and more exhibitors and visitors from abroad; direct organisation of Italian exhibitions abroad; offering exhibition venues and services with high quality standards.
"The months of work that preceded the birth of IT-EX, which we are announcing today, have enabled us to achieve a greater awareness of how international exhibitions are not just the organisation of events and the rental to promote activities, but are much more articulated and complex opportunities because they are decisive for the growth of our country and for the development of Made in Italy products,' said Antonio Intiglietta, first President of IT-EX. "Those who organise exhibitions build the scenario for the economic development of the future, through the experience of the present, and create the conditions for the wellbeing of our country's economic system so that it can grow internationally.
The Italian exhibition market records significant numbers every year – 7.7 million visitors of which 13% foreign, 86 thousand exhibitors of which 27% foreign and a total industry turnover of 1.1 billion euros, with an estimated 23.2 billion euros induced revenue for the region - but only 95 of the 300 exhibitions held annually in the country are characterised by a strong international factor: a fact that confirms the need to act with specific and focused strategies to support exports to allow Italian companies to improve their presence on foreign markets, grow and innovate through participation in increasingly international exhibitions.