Milano Cortina 2026: The venue for the hockey 2 competition is the Milano-Rho exhibition centre

And the construction of the sporting venue “Palaitalia Santa Giulia” is about to start.

Milan, August 2nd, 2023 - It is final: the Hockey 2 competitions of the 2026 Milan Cortina Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Pavilions 22 and 24 at Fiera Milano-Rho.

Identified after accurate in-depth comparative analysis in teamwork between the Municipality of Milan, the Region of Lombardy, the Organizing Committee of the upcoming Winter Games, and the collaboration of Fiera Milano, the solution perfectly meets the project requirements from both a qualitative and an operations standpoint, and will help maintaining territorial continuity with the other ice competition sites, with the sole exception of curling.
The new venue will replace the Milano Hockey Arena among the Milan sport venues and, as defined for speed skating, it will be temporary in nature, i.e. it will exist for the duration of the competitions only - a sustainable and innovative formula. The presence of two venues in the Fiera area allows for an objective mitigation of operating costs by optimizing a range of services, which may be conceived no longer in terms of two different sites, but as a single area including two competition venues.

Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026 will consolidate the fruitful collaboration, already started during the definition of the new solution, with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to better support the implementation of the project, taking all the mandatory technical requirements into consideration.

In addition to this, when preliminary works will be completed according to the project timeline, the construction of the new hockey arena “Palaitalia Santa Giulia”, will be built by private investors and with a capacity of 15,000 seats, will also begin in the coming days.
1. After the Games, the building will become a multi-purpose area, this leaving a significant lasting legacy.

Giuseppe Sala, the Mayor of Milan, said: “We are satisfied with the solution identified. The current international situation, that caused a significant increase in the costs of raw materials, has imposed an accurate selection of sustainable solutions that would ensure an appropriate facility for female hockey competitions and some male competitions in our city. The decision to host these competitions at Rho-Fiera, as was the case for speed skating, is the result of an effective and proactive institutional collaboration among the Municipality of Milan, the Region of Lombardy, Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026, and Fiera Milano - a strategic and valuable choice that will help us stay on schedule and present athletes with a facility up to par with their expectations. All this adds up to the satisfaction of the start of works for the construction of PalaItalia Santa Giulia, which will be completed by 2025. So Milan will be the venue for the Hockey competitions of the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.”
Attilio Fontana, the President of Regione Lombardia, said: "Once again, the Lombardy model based on dialogue and institutional collaboration - the motor of the whole Olympic project - has worked successfully. Hosting the Hockey 2 venue of the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the Rho Fiera pavilions in Milan has multiple objectives: meeting the project timeline, maintaining two ice competition venues in the same site, saving resources and ensuring better logistics. I am also extremely satisfied with the start of works for the construction of Pala Santa Giulia within the scheduled time for completion by 2025.”

Giovanni Malagò, the President of Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026, said: “The envisaged solution will be a benchmark for practicality and flexibility: a sustainable and innovative choice, in line with the identification of Rho-Fiera for the speed skating rink in the past, which will make Italy a model for the next editions of the Games. Once again, we would like to thank the institutions and all the stakeholders of the team who are sharing with us the engaging experience of this path towards the greatest event Italy will host in the coming years.”

“The development of the ice hockey rink in pavilions 22 and 24 of FieraMilano, adjacent to those used for speed skating in the past, has been a choice of great efficiency and sustainability that will allow us to optimize costs and improve the experience of athletes and spectators. – said Enrico Pazzali, President of Fondazione Fiera Milano – The project is a factual demonstration of our flexibility in meeting the needs of the territory and the market, especially in the management of complex projects. The ability to act and react quickly on the most diverse fronts is in the DNA of Fondazione Fiera Milano, as the Foundation has shown in the recent years of the pandemic. And now we are ready to do the same for the Olympic Games: not just for the glory, but for a deep desire to do things well and find sustainable solutions.”