In its Business Plan for 2019/2021 Fondazione Fiera Milano confirms its strategies and investments

Milan, 28 November 2018 - The Governing Body of Fondazione Fiera Milano, during a meeting chaired by its Chairman Giovanni Gorno Tempini, has approved, according to Art. 11 of its Articles of Association, the Forecast and Planning Report – Business Plan for 2019-2021, which ends the three-year term in office of the current Directors. The document includes objectives, current investments and results achieved, and outlines the investment and enhancement prospects of the work started three years ago, whose positive effects will also be felt over the next few years.

The work done by Fondazione Fiera Milano’s Governing Bodies and Structures guarantees the necessary resources for future investments. The method and strategies chosen by Fondazione Fiera Milano also make it possible to carry out both the role of proactive shareholder in respect of Fiera Milano SpA (in agreement with stakeholders) and of long-term institutional investor (in synergy with the community).

The new governance structure of Fondazione Fiera Milano and Fiera Milano has allowed the former to make investments totaling over 125 million Euro between 2017 and 2021, with a consolidated EBITDA which is expected to account for approximately 71 million Euro in 2018 and estimated shareholders’ equity amounting to nearly 669 million Euro in 2021, with a 6.7% ROS. Fondazione has also received from the EIB – European Investment Bank – and a pool of banks led by Banca Intesa, financing to the amount of 115 million euro; last but not least Fondazione has allocated about 850,000 Euro to Venture Philanthropy. More specifically, 42.4% of that sum will be devoted to scientific research, 32.4% to services for the community, 16.5% to culture, 4.5% to education and 4.2% to sports.

Approximately 700,000 euro have been spent on the upgrading of its Historical Archives and on related projects, most notably the exhibition titled: Prospettiva. A journey through the Fondazione Fiera Milano archives, sponsored by Fondazione Fiera Milano together with AFIP (Italian Professional Photographers’ Association) and La Triennale di Milano, which involves collecting, storing and enhancing Fondazione’s documental heritage consisting in images which have been filed and can be used via an online platform, as well as a number of scheduled public exhibitions and cultural events.

As regards the subsidiary Fiera Milano SpA, the EBITDA value in 2018 is expected to remain stable at approximately 28/30 million Euro. It is also worth mentioning the 15/20 million euro surplus in Fondazione’s Net Financial Position.
Another significant achievement has been Fondazione’s stock exchange performance, which – after the all-time low on 5 December 2016 – has increased by more than 150%. These remarkable results have coincided with the end of temporary receivership and with the start of a new governance at Fiera Milano SpA promoted by Fondazione Fiera.

To date, Fondazione Fiera Milano has invested and planned to allocate over 87 million euro for the competitiveness and sustainability of exhibition/congress facilities at Fiera Milano. Approximately eight million have been set aside for digital technologies, almost 30 million for eco-sustainability and environmental protection, 37 million to streamline participation procedures in trade fairs, 12 million on customer journey enhancement.

Over the next few months Fondazione Fiera Milano has excellent prospects with regard to the value of its real estate assets, where no trade fair or congress events take place.

As to Post Expo2015 projects, Fondazione Fiera has collected over 45 million Euro receivables from the sale of its property; it still has a 16.8% shareholding in Arexpo, which is extremely significant for Fondazione’s institutional activities. Fondazione Fiera expects the implementation of the Mind project, which is already well underway, to produce synergy and engagement on the part of the whole Group it leads.

Ever since it was established Fondazione Fiera has always supported the region where it is based, striving to make it attractive and inclusive. During this three-year period it has implemented a venture philanthropy model designed to boost its competitiveness and reduce inequalities. 

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the following initiatives:

•    The project “QuBi – quanto basta”, in partnership with Fondazione Cariplo, Intesa Sanpaolo, Fondazione Vismara and Fondazione Invernizzi, for the fight against child poverty;
•    The agreement with Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, aimed at the restoration and enhancement of the cartone by Raffaello Sanzio “La Filosofia” and to promote initiatives related to Leonardo da Vinci celebrations next year;
•    Collaboration in the area of scientific research with Fondazione Veronesi and IFOM (FIRC Institute for Molecular Oncology);
•    Organizing at Fiera Milano several sports events with international relevance, including the ATP Next Gen  tennis tournament, which for the second year in a row has recently taken place at Fiera Milano.

In order to implement its projects more efficiently, Fondazione Fiera Milano has expanded its skills and in-house competence in order to perform more competitively in new and cutting-edge sectors. To this end, its management methods have been upgraded and enhanced.

It is also worth mentioning the work done by Accademia di Fondazione Fiera Milano designed to increase the number of its students to 50 in total and to start a new Master’s Degree Course with lectures in English.

Scarica il piano industriale 2019 - 2021 di Fondazione Fiera Milano