A2a and Fondazione Fiera Milano join forces for the development of one of Europe’s largest solar rooftop installations

Today, A2A and Fondazione Fiera Milano signed a joint venture agreement for the construction of one of the largest rooftop solar power plants in Europe, to be installed at fieramilano, Rho.
Following the expression of interest in public tenders, launched by Fondazione Fiera Milano on July 31, 2017, A2A Rinnovabili, part of the A2A Group, was awarded the selection process for the partnership in the design, development and management of a photovoltaic installation on the rooftops of fieramilano, Rho.

The joint venture agreement - Fair Renew -  between Fondazione Fiera Milano and A2A Rinnovabili reflects the precise and distinct roles of the two Partners: Fondazione Fiera Milano owns the exhibition-conference grounds and develops innovations and investments that improve the competitive edge of the exhibition system, while A2A Rinnovabili guarantees the development of energy production from renewable resources.
Ownership of the photovoltaic power plant is held by the Joint Venture, with a 60% share held by A2A Rinnovabili, the A2A Group leader in the green energy market, and a 40% share held by Fondazione Fiera Milano
Ownership of the buildings on the exhibition site upon which the PV system will be installed remains 100% in the hands of Fondazione Fiera Milano.

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