Fondazione Fiera Milano's sale of the future Expo 2015 site becomes official today

Milan, 1 August 2012 – Land owned by Fondazione and earmarked for Expo 2015 has been handed over to the parties entrusted with seeing the project through to completion. The agreement was signed by Vittorio Bellotti, Acting Vice President of Fondazione Fiera Milano and Arexpo Spa Chairman Luciano Pilotti.

The Lombardy Regional Government and the Milan City Council have a shareholding of 34.67% each, Fondazione 27.66%, the Milan Provincial Government 2%, and the Rho City Council Rho 1% in the Arexpo Spa company.

Today’s agreement finalizes resolutions passed by the governing body of Fondazione Fiera Milano in 2012 under Chairman and CEO Gianpiero Cantoni, to streamline as best as possible all the steps leading up to Fondazione playing a significant role in Expo 2015 ever since the event was awarded to Milan.

Testament to this approach are the special conditions adopted by Fondazione, without any purely speculative reasoning, by making its own assets available in the general interests of the country.

Meanwhile, Fondazione Fiera Milano continues to pursue its obligations which are to preserve and enhance its assets while bearing well in mind the principles of subsidiarity that have always characterized its every  action for the social and economic development of the territory.

“We are now seeing the results of our teamwork with the Foundation and its management and governing body committed to working together closely and cohesively over recent weeks –Vice President Vittorio Bellotti stated – Behind this commitment is the proactive and managerial spirit that Chairman Cantoni strongly believed in. Fondazione Fiera Milano has always been in the forefront for the best success of the Expo, which is set to generate a deep, must-have transformation and well-being not only in our city  and region, but also in the country as a whole.