Studio Lab wins Lanfredini award

Milan, 12 September 2013. Studio Lab, winner of the Lanfredini award, will be at Macef in a space that Fondazione Fiera Milano is providing for free.

Studio Lab will be in Pav. 20 F 15 on 12-15 September with its Messaggi da indossare® range. This project stems from a desire to communicate and to share. Studio Lab has always been involved in visual, web, design, and, above all, social communications. This led to the need to do more and experiment with communication through an object than can be worn, used, or given as a gift.

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It was this winning combination of innovation and artisan craftsmanship that made Studio Lab one of the three winners of the Lanfredini Award. Organized by the Milan Chamber of Commerce jointly with the Gabriele Lanfredini Foundation for the Crafts and  Fondazione Fiera Milano, the award was created to recognize new business ideas and companies set up by the under 35.

This year it was dedicated to artisan start-ups in Lombardy that exemplified the ability “to produce” using a combination of tradition and innovation, and to scholars who stood out for their dissemination of artisan skills. Studio Lab by Patrizia Chiodini is one of the three winners in the “Artisan Companies” section that  was given a free stand space by Fondazione Fiera Milano at Macef.

The reason for the award was as follows: “Studio Lab, which originated as a communication agency, stood out in 2012 with its project for “Messaggi da indossare”, a range of accessories that integrate communication with what is being worn. Unique items in a limited series, that can be customized and shared, and made in a craftsmanlike fashion using laser cutting, printing and/or other methods on different media. Each product is new, personal and the “bearer” of a message that was created especially for the wearer. Skill and attention to detail are the strengths of Studio Lab, whose ideas meld with the most cutting-edge technologies: in fact, a QR-CODE on the accessories makes the message more striking and visually appealing. For its valid teaming of traditional artisan craftsmanship and  high-tech digital innovation, while keeping an eye on social issues, Studio Lab by Chiodini Patrizia is among this year’s winners of the Gabriele Lanfredini Award.”

Studio Lab entrusts some of its production to social cooperatives managed by people on probation or with social difficulties.

Over recent years, Fondazione Fiera Milano, in an effort to better carry out its mission and support the entire exhibition system and the Fiera Milano Spa group in particular, is behind a number of initiatives that make it easier for companies to attend exhibitions. This work is always done in concert with the main local authorities. This is vital for small and medium-sized Italian companies, most of which are finding it extremely difficult to cope with the costs and organizing efforts, especially during the economic downturn. In order to achieve this objective in the best and most cost-effective way, Fondazione Fiera Milano is offering all the needed resources, as well as a decade of experience and international leadership.